Before the session

We must have received the vet referral form at least 48 hrs prior to your first appointment.


This referral is essential in order to ensure that your pet is suitable for treatment. It should also provide us with an accurate record of your pet’s condition as well as a concise clinical history, to include any other medical conditions which need to be considered before treatment. This is both a legal and ethical requirement.


Do not feed your dog 3 hours prior to your visit.


Please read the Terms and Conditions as you will be asked to sign a copy on your first visit


Once you download the form you can either print and post or complete your part then save and email directly to your vet who can also complete their part and then email the completed document with or without clinical notes or xrays to

You will need Microsoft Word or similar to update the form. You may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Veterinary Referral / Approval form in PDF. You can download a free copy from Adobe here

During the session

Initially a short head to tail health check of your dog, weigh and check dogs muscle mass and record findings.


Your pet will then be showered to remove excess dirt and loose hair on the coat.  Your pet will be fitted with a life jacket before we enter the pool, where your dog will have 1 on 1 assistance with the Hydrotherapist in the water.


The length of time in the water will vary for each dog, depending on your pet’s fitness level, other medical conditions, age etc. Your dog may only be in the pool for a few minutes initially, up to a maximum of 15 minutes with rest periods.


We also have head collars and ear wraps to protect the ears from taking in water, as many dogs do not like this or can be prone to ear infections.


After the session

Your pet will be showered for the second time to wash off chemical residue and relax muscles.  A blaster is used to dry your pet, but as some dogs do not like this we can towel dry, you are advised to bring your own towel/dry bag for the trip home and a coat in the colder months.


All findings will be recorded in your dog’s file and if necessary forwarded to your vet.


Do not feed your dog for approximately 1 hour after swimming.


Hydrotherapy Pool

Paws for a Splash

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