Terms & Conditions


  • Veterinary consent must be obtained prior to commencing any therapy treatments at Paws for a Splash.  This applies to any swim be it for rehab or fun.
  • Whilst every care is taken of the dogs whilst undergoing hydrotherapy, all hydro therapy is taken at the owner’s risk.
  • Dogs with vomiting diarrhoea, infections or contagious conditions such as eye, ear or skin will not be treated.  Please cancel your appointment giving as much notice as possible, or until their condition improves/infection is no longer active.
  • Bitches in season/heat will not be accepted for treatment.
  • Please ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and bring their records with you on their initial assessment.
  • Paws for a Splash cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to vehicles or personal property whilst on company premises or surrounding business park
  • If more than 24 hours’ notice is given for cancellation, the session will be rearranged – less than 24 hours and the session will be charged and forfeited.  A message on the answering machine will count as notice given
  • Due to busy schedules late arrivals may not be seen and may have to be rescheduled for a later date or their session shortened
  • Paws for a Splash reserves the right to cancel any session i.e.: power failure, maintenance or illness
  • The length of swim initially may vary from only a few minutes to 15 minutes as your dog’s condition and fitness improves
  • Owners are required to notify Paws for a Splash if a dog’s injuries or condition worsens whilst undertaking a course of hydrotherapy
  • Paws for a Splash has the right to refuse treatment to any dog at any time
  • We reserve the right to muzzle any dog that shows aggression during the session.  We reserve the right to refuse to swim dogs that are aggressive towards us at the pool.  Owners are responsible to keep their dogs under control in such circumstances and will be held liable for any damage or injury cause.
  • When not undergoing treatment, dogs must be kept on lead at all times
  • When visiting all persons are advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing as the centre can become very wet during the session both the pool room and reception area.  You must not mind being splashed!
  • Paws for a Splash reserves the right to use video footage and photography during sessions
  • Do not feed your dog 3 hours prior to your visit. There may be a surcharge of £80.58 for any dog that fouls in the pool as the pool will need to be closed for cleaning.  Do not feed your dog for approximately 1 hour after swimming
  • Please make sure that your dog is ‘clean’ – you don’t have to bath them but please don’t bring a muddy dog into the pool or we will NOT be able to swim them
  • Do not stop any medication unless advised by your vet, even if you see an improvement



By engaging in the services of Paws for a Splash you agree to the above terms and conditions


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