Frequently asked questions


My dog has never swum before?

Many dogs have never swum before they come to hydrotherapy.  We aim to make each dog as comfortable and relaxed as possible and guide them gently into the water via a ramp with a correct harness or life jack fitted.  Whilst in the water they will have a hydro therapist with them supporting them and aiding the correct movement at all times.


Can I feed my dog prior to swimming?

Please do not feed your dog for at least 3 hours prior to swimming and at least 1 hour after swimming.


How does my dog get in to the pool?

Your dog walks in to the water via a non-slip ramp.  We do not employ the use of a hoist system.  Canine life jackets are worn to aid confidence and support your dog in the water.


What happens if I arrive late for my appointment?

If there is a scheduled booking a directly following your dog’s booking your dog’s session will be shortened to meet the completion time.


Will there be other dogs in the pool with my dog?

No, you and your dog have exclusive use of the unit during your session


Can I bring my dog if there is nothing physically wrong with them?

Yes, lots of dogs come just for fun and body conditioning


Will my dog lose weight?

Yes, in conjunction with a diet swimming sessions are a brilliant way to burn calories especially if they are restricted from exercising on land.


Will I need a vet’s referral?

Yes, whether it is for rehabilitation or fun and fitness, a referral form will need to be completed by your vet.  This is to make sure your dog has no conditions that may be exasperated by hydrotherapy.


Can I claim the cost of hydrotherapy on my pet insurance?

Each insurance company has its own policy regarding canine hydrotherapy and you should contact your insurer to find out if your policy covers hydrotherapy treatments.


How does Hydrotherapy differ to swimming in a river or the sea?

It is crucial to swim in the correct temperature especially if a dog is suffering from arthritis or has any joint problems, swimming in cold water can actually be counter-productive as it reduces blood circulation.  Cold muscles are more likely to stiffen up and cramp and could do further damage.  It is essential to monitor how much exercise your dog is doing and that they are doing the correct movement not to exasperate any existing problems.  This is impossible to do without the correct training and not being in the water with them to look and feel movement.

There is also a risk of pollution and water born disease that could put your dog in danger, in the hydro pool the water is tested regularly and kept warm to ensure that your dog is safe at all times.




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